01. Mentoring

Let’s work together, to empower your life goals

Supporting you to develop your personal development and wellbeing seamlessly. Our mentoring service is focused on supporting you in every possible way we can! Our mentors are caring, empathetic and compassionate individuals, supporting every individual with their personal development and wellbeing. We work with adults to help them foster meaningful connections and make positive choices.

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03. FAQ

Freequently Asked Questions

Every NDIS plan is tailored as per the participant’s life goals and choices. Assistance with daily living is included in your core support budget. The NDIS budget includes funding to support participants with their disability related needs including personal life goals.

Our goal at Support Therapy and Home, is to ensure that your needs are not only met but exceeded. Also ensuring you understand your NDIS plan, to make the most of it.

The NDIS implements support to encourage participants to develop a positive and independent life. Supporting them to utilise their full potential through mentoring. A mentor works with participants, to empower their self-confidence and personal development on a one-to-one basis. Assisting individuals working towards their life goals, while gaining greater insight into their lives. .


A mentor can help you:

  • To monitor progress and address any concerns that may hinder a participant’s goals.
  • Maintain focus on goals, by following the right approach and monitoring the progress simultaneously.
  • Help you to cope with the stress of major life transitions including trauma, loss of a loved one, or embracing a new environment.

- Encourage your involvement in the community by exploring your hobbies and interests.

A support worker supports you with activities of daily living that involve domestic assistance, community access, transport assistance, social support and respite care. However, a mentor works with you to facilitate self-confidence, emotional acceptance, coping with life transitions including trauma and embracing a new life experience.

Absolutely, you can! We want you to feel comfortable and be transparent with your needs. We help you connect with qualified mentors that share the same interests and hobbies. Supporting you to achieve your goals and aspirations with ease.

A mentor helps you to work towards your goals and aspirations. By promoting self-development and building confidence. They are focused on maximising an individual’s independence and skills development by implementing proactive strategies. Also, supporting you to foster positive relations with your loved ones and the community. We provide you with the extra support you need, under the care of an experienced mentor.

It may be either utilised from core or capacity, based on participant’s needs and goals.

Absolutely, our qualified mentors can provide you with support, at your preferred location.

Yes, your mentor may also attend therapy sessions with you, to observe and ensure you are on the right path.

We value your comfort and choice. We believe every individual should choose their own mentor, with whom they feel the most connected and secure. Our skilled and caring team of mentors share the same passion and meet eye to eye with you. Every individual has the choice to pair with a mentor, that share the same set of hobbies or interests.

A mentor can certainly support a participant with behavioural challenges, under the guidance of a psychologist. The aim of a mentor is to support individuals to develop coping strategies to minimise or eliminate any kinds of behavioural concerns.